A day’s walking in the Lake District is ideal for people who ...

  1. Recognise the value of time and space away from the workplace,

  2. Want a completely confidential sounding board,

  3. Enjoy a strenuous walk, and

  4. Expect to be challenged and questioned to hone their thinking.

Walking in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with time and space to think, and a degree of physical exertion, provides a stimulus to fresh thinking.

Add a coach who has worked with many people to help them to achieve outstanding results, and the combination is astonishingly powerful.

You will need to have thought about the issue or issues you wish to discuss, and will receive a briefing pack with key questions to answer before we meet.

Then we will walk, talk, reflect, and relax; whatever the weather, for as long as we need to.


“Always available and able to provide help and insightful perspective on very different matters:

from business advice to moral support.

The perfect match between your best friend and a highly professional person.”

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