I have used Andrew as part mentor, part advisor, part coach, part sounding board etc etc. He has been excellent in all these roles!

Erica Haimes, Director,

PEALS Research Institute

Comments from other coaching clients:

Since our last session I’ve reflected a lot on our discussions and better still put into practise some of the techniques we discussed. I was really pleased with the results.

The coaching has definitely changed my approach to presenting. Although not a big part of my role, which is probably a major reason why I struggled when the need did arise, I do feel better prepared and more confident to be myself and still get the key messages across, so I thank you for that.


I coach people who ...

  1. Are changing jobs

  2. Are new in their role

  3. Need to develop skills quickly

  4. Want to get more out of life

Coaching has grown to be a very significant part of my business over the last ten years. I have now worked on a one-to-one basis with over 200 individuals from a wide range of organisations, facing a huge array of challenges.

A personal service

Coaching is by definition tailor-made to the individual. My approach is also an emergent one: whilst we agree a brief and objectives at the start of the process, we recognise that other issues may arise as we progress.

A safe space to think

At the heart of the coaching process is the confidentiality contract. That means that individuals are able to use their coaching to:

  1. say things they could not say elsewhere

  2. admit to doubts, vulnerabilities and uncertainties, and discuss how to address them

  3. raise concerns about relationships with colleagues and bosses

  4. float tentative ideas without causing organisational over-reactions.

The role of a coach

My role in coaching is:

  1. offering both support and challenge to stimulate courageous thinking

  2. helping to re-kindle hope, belief and passion

  3. helping to generate alternatives when people feel stuck

  4. ensuring individuals commit to action at the end of each session

  5. acting as an external conscience to hold people to their own good intentions.


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