I have helped clients to ...

  1. investigate and resolve morale problems

  2. design innovative approaches to learning

  3. develop strategies to manage the human aspects of major changes

  4. run an in-house employee placement centre for displaced employees

Phases of a consultancy project

The phases of a consultancy project are:

  1. entry and contracting

  2. data collection

  3. diagnosis

  4. feedback and decision making

  5. implementation

Partnership approach

I take a partnership approach to each of these phases. By that I mean balancing two things. On the one hand, the client is involving me precisely because I have something to offer at the level of skill, expertise or experience which the client is lacking. On the other, the client knows more about his or her business than I do. Therefore we are most likely to succeed if we both take high levels of responsibility for contributing to the process.

Thus I will act neither as a yes-man, nor will I assume that my view is automatically the correct one. Rather I see my role as questioning and challenging, bringing a fresh perspective and an enquiring mind to the situation.



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“Andrew provides you with the tools that bring out your own potential to resolve the problems you thought would only be solved by somebody else"

Nick Price,

Divisional Director,

United Response

"Many thanks for this. The report is most helpful and so too the discussion


Professor Charles Harvey

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