Whether you are running a complete organisation (MD, Chairman, Vice-Chancellor...) or leading a directorate, department or team, I have worked with people in a similar position and role.

Some of these I have worked with on a one-to-one coaching basis; others I have helped through consultancy assignments looking at specific issues within their business; still others have wanted help getting teams to work together effectively, or generating a common understanding of change. Frequently the issue sits with the leadership team, or a cross functional team and the best way forward is to have a strategic awayday.

Just occasionally I meet one who sees the value of taking a whole day away from the business to discuss issues in depth - and in a very different environment, and we go for a walk in the Lake District.




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“I would like to say how much I enjoy working with you and how much I've learned and continue to learn.”

Prof Colin Riordan

President & Vice Chancellor

Cardiff University