If your team ...

•    needs to work better together

•     needs to accelerate their performance

•    is badly bruised

•    is newly formed or merged

... then you are in a similar situation to many other teams I have worked with.

Classic teambuilding or focused solution-finding

My work with teams has been the mainstay of my business for more than twenty years.  Over that period, the emphasis and approach have changed.  It is rare now to find teams that wish to go on classic teambuilding events.  More frequently, I am asked to help when something goes wrong and people wish to draw on my experience of working with teams to diagnose and resolve a problem.

Teambuilding on the side

Otherwise, I am asked to help teams to address work issues, with the teambuilding as a parallel strand of activity or embedded in the process.  Sometimes that means running a strategic awayday, or developing a customised training workshop to address a collective learning need; sometimes it requires a consultancy approach to help address a specific problem or opportunity.

“Andrew helped our Senior Management Team make real changes in the way they worked together which had a very positive effect on the culture of the whole organisation."

Jane Wilson,

Development Executive,

Pubmaster Ltd



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