If you ...

  1. Need some external resource or expertise to support your offering to the business

  2. Wish to introduce new thinking to your organisation's approach to learning and development

  3. Are keen to develop your training team's breadth of competence and confidence

  4. Value working alongside someone with a range of different skills and experiences

... then you are like many of those I work with on a regular basis.

An eclectic approach

I work with a very diverse client base to develop training workshops, and other learning interventions.

That, combined with an eclectic interest in a range of different approaches, makes me an original and effective partner in the development of new learning and development approaches.

I have worked with many training teams in many ways, ranging from an emergency stand-in, through team coach to long-term co-facilitator.

I am equally happy working with you to develop programmes you and your people will deliver, and co-delivering.  I have also helped training teams develop long term evaluations of the impact and effectiveness of programmes.

A professional and stimulating facilitator who is responsive to the needs of both groups and individuals.”

Lynne Howlett

Leadership & Development Manager, Human Resources

Newcastle University


01931 712955    

07540 665565