I work with teams ...

  1. Which are learning to work better together

  2. which need to accelerate their performance

  3. which are badly bruised

  4. or which are newly formed or merged

I have worked with a large number of teams over many years. These have ranged from the very successful to the very dysfunctional.

Some have been executive or senior management teams, others teams of professionals and others manual workers.

Diagnostic and design process

I always start my work with teams with a diagnostic process which involves all team members. That ensures the relevance of what I do, and also starts the processes of building trust and ownership which are essential to this type of work.

I then design - and agree with the team - a process and agenda designed to meet agreed needs identified from the diagnostic phase.

Focus and tools

Some team events are very actively focused, including using the outdoors, to give the team a common experience of working together productively and build the capacity for, and the habit of, giving each other honest feedback in real time.

Others are more work-focused, with the team addressing specific work issues.

On occasion we use tools such as the Belbin Team Roles analysis or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to explore conflict and complementarity within the team.

Agenda for change

Typically the team leaves with an agenda for change, and specific team members and sub-groups take responsibility for moving different aspects forward.

We meet again as a whole team some time later, to check progress and re-plan. That gives the event a longevity and dramatically increases the impact and success of implementing good intentions.

I hadn't before met a 'facilitator' I hadn't thought to be a bit of a pillock, but I did on the first morning at Beamish Hall in November.  Only some questionable opinions about silent cinema have given me any subsequent cause to reconsider that view.  You've been absolutely integral to the programme, which has been unquestionably the happiest experience of my seven years at Newcastle, so thank you.

Course participant,

Newcastle University


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